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To FoRgivE is to LET GO

“But forgiving isn’t something you do for someone else. It’s something you do for yourself”

Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller



I had been confused with people who easily abandon the hurt and pain that triggered by betrayal, deception and lies. These people wronged them; so why forgive them? Wherein fact, they left a big scar on the hearts and these bruises are not easy to mend. Sometimes, I want to label these people as willing victims. They are the victims, yet they are the one who show mercy.


Or might be because they have a tender heart to forgive people. I used to think that if I were in their situation, then I wouldn't going to forgive these people who caused so much grief in me.


But I had been wrong all this time to think this way. If God forgives, then why can I do that? I came to realization that It’s not the people who mistreated me will end up pitiful; It’s me actually who is unfortunate to shoulder this hatred and burden throughout my life. If I would not learn to forgive, then there is a part of me in the past that I would continue to carry to my present and even to future. And if I always looking back to these woe and pain that planted in my heart; then I could not move on. If I would not let go this agony; I would live forever with a burden in me. I do not what that to happen, I want to forgive people so that any pain they caused me will put into oblivion and this ache will not affect the way I live. I do not want it to reside in my heart. It will only poison me and I won’t let this anger eating me up.


No matter how hard as it seems, learn to forgive. Do this for YOURSELF.