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 It's not about the numbers of books you have read; it's the reflection and amount of learning you have gained from reading.

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“None of us ever know all the possible courses our lives could

have and maybe should have taken.”

                 Liane Moriarty, The husband’s secret


“If I'd done better, then this would not happen.”


‘IF’ is a wounded word to be created ever. When we try to land our mind to the past, there are some regrets that are crashing back into our life. We cannot avoid hoping that during that time, we somehow wish that if given a chance, we want to amend the mistakes we had done and every regret we committed would lost its way in our life. There are so many if’s that we remorse that occurred in our lives.


We don’t know what our future may bring to us. Only God knows every proceedings in our lives.  That is why for this present moment we live, we must consider every decision we take, this is an opportunity that must be embraced, because we might not hold this kind of chance anymore. Regret is something we don’t want to contrive in our hearts; we don’ want to utter “It’s too late” at the end of the day.